Our Island

The island of Skopelos is only a few miles away from the ports of Agios Konstantinos and Volos offering the perfect opportunity for a relaxing week of vacation. There are numerous beautiful beaches on the island that can be accessed either by renting a car, or through the public transportation system. Visitors can enjoy a different beach every day.

One of the most scenic areas of the island is the beach Limnonari. Only about 20 mintues away by car from the main town of Skopelos you can enjoy a hidden oasis of white sand and pine trees that come all the way down to the water. Even during the busiest tourist season, it continues to be a quiet area offering the opportunity for a peaceful and relaxing dive into the calm waters of the Aegean.

A little further away is the extraordinary beach named Milia. It combines all the beauties of a forest, sand, and crystal blue water. For a unique experience one can also follow in the steps of the movie Mamma Mia, and visit the beaches of Agios Giannis and Kastani where many of the movie’s scenes were filmed.

A stroll around the scenic town of the island promises to lead you to wonderful monuments and ancient ruins. The monastary Euaggelistria offers a breathtaking view of the entire town of Skopelos as well as the port. A step back in time is a trip to the town of Glossa. The steep stone paved streets and the all white houses with blue windows are bound to captivate you.

Naturally, a visit to any of the Sporades islands is not complete without a trip out to the ocean. Organized tours are offered with both modern and more traditional boats. This is the perfect opportunity to see beaches that are not accessible by land as well as the holy island of Kyra Panagia and the marine park.

The adventure on the island does not end there. A driving network of 45 kilometers of winding road that wrap around and cut through the all green mountains of the island will surely captivate you.